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     Music on KAWARA is the sound art project started in 2013. NPO Awajishima Art Center promotes Music on KAWARA project with the slogan “Let’s compose Music with KAWARA”. Kawara is originally not only for a roof tile. Kawara means a pottery by high temperature[1000℃] firing. And Kawara is also the world culture that it is referred to as one of the invention of man. We are based in Tsui District, Minami-Awaji City, a production district of the traditional Awaji tile industry, with over 400 years of history in Awajishima. We have explored the musical potential of KARARA as an instrument under the supervision of Nomura Makoto(Composer) and Kumiko Yabu(Percussionist). We have held concerts and workshops. Also we have tried to produce KAWARA instruments experimentally under the instruction of local tilers. In 2015, we released the CD “musik genteng” and it’s now on sale. We have been promoting Music on KAWARA all over Japan.
【BUY CD “musik genteng”】
CD『Kawara-no-ongaku musik genteng』
Supervision:Makoto Nomura + Kumiko Yabu 
Distribution:NPO Awajishima Art Center
Price:21 USD(tax-in)
*The shipping cost is not included.
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We are looking for any information about KAWARA [roof tile] all over the world. And we are very welcome to collaborate with someone who are interested in Muic on KAWARA. Please feel free to contact us.  
NPO Awajishima Art Center
5-3-3, Hon-machi, Sumoto, Hyogo, Japan
Official HP:
 NPO Awajishima Art Center is the art NPO based in Awajishima, Hyogo, Japan. As a professional agent, Awajishima Art Center maximizes the value of the culture, the industry and the nature that Awajishima originally has by art.
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